We obtain a certain amount of leads every hour and every day. The applicants may have credit scores in all ranges. Some request you can easily satisfy, and other requests you may consider impossible. With us you can choose only the ones you think you have a chance of closing.

Tune up all the parameters and see how many leads you can receive.

The parameters are:

Lead type
House Value
Loan amount
LTV requested
Credit self-evaluation

You decide if you want them Exclusive or Non-exclusive. You can compare what we have with what you want before you make a decision to work with us. You can even set up your own spending limit.

Three Simple Steps To Close More Loans


You can set up as many filters as you want. Thus, you can receive refinance type leads with house values starting at $100,000.00, current LTV’s not higher than 80% and loan amount requested not less than $15,000.00 with any type of credit rating. And you can also receive purchase leads with house values starting at $125,000.00, and at least a 5% down payment with fair, good and excellent credit only. You can receive leads exclusive or non-exclusive - it's up to you.

Once you define what you need, our system retrieves last month’s data and gives you an estimation – how many leads you would receive if you set up your filters one month ago. Of course it’s an estimation only. You can receive more than that (we work on lead volume every day), or you can receive less (more customers can sign in and demand the same leads). The numbers you get help to evaluate how much of your money we can trade on the leads you want.

We welcome all customers, regardless of their budget. You do not have to subscribe to a large volume of leads. If your budget is tight, put some money into your account and start receiving one to two leads daily. You can even set up a weekly spending limit. If you need ten times the amount of leads we can provide, consider using us as just one of your lead sources. You’ll see that the real time leads that we deliver are true real time, and their parameters are in strict compliance with the filters you set up.

You need only to choose the prospects you can close. We deliver them.

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