Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located/based out of? How long has your company been involved in this line of work?

We have offices in Lewes, De, and Philadelphia, PA. Our company has been in business since February, 2004. Mortgage leads is the only kind of business we are involved with. Our team members are made up of former mortgage loan officers and former bankers with years of experience combined.

How I pay for leads? Do you offer discounts for big leads volume?

We accept major credit cards: VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, Master Card. When you pay you can choose any sum starting from $100. Our lead quality and prices are better than competitive. We do not charge you for real time lead delivery, for faxing leads to your fax machine or for each filter you want to set up to improve your ROI such as State, Credit Score, Minimum Loan Amount, LTV etc. We do not offer bulk discounts because we do not sell bulk. We give you instruments to have exactly what you want and we want you to be our customer as long as you need internet leads to fuel your business.

Are you buying leads from another lead source?

No. We generate leads through our own web sites and we advertise on major search engines.

Are you selling leads to other mortgage lead providers?

We are the only company selling our leads. That is why you can rely on the number of times it was sold.

I have never had success with internet leads before. What makes you different?

Most mortgage lead companies sell their lead lists as many times as they can. As a result they are continuously looking for new customers - we are not. We have a unique business concept and have no need for a sales force. The loyalty and satisfaction of our current customers allows us to keep our lead prices low even if we are unable to sell 100% of the leads we generate.

Can you tell me how your leads are generated?

We have our own web sites where customers can fill out an application if they are looking for a mortgage or a refinance. We advertise our web sites on such search engines as Yahoo and Google. We do not use spam mail for locating prospects.

I am working on internet leads I buy from other companies exclusively, but am finding they are not exclusive. My guess is that while you are selling me exclusive leads, you/we can not be sure that these customers are not going to other web sites and completing applications.

We can not say wither the prospect went to another web site or not. What we can do is count our sales. When you see the amount of times sold, it is a true number. Statistically prospects welcome the first three calls they receive resulting from their application.

My experience with purchasing leads is a very distasteful one. The last company I did business with provided me with leads that were old.
Are your leads recycled?

No, we do not “recycle” or fake leads. We put leads on our system immediately. The moment a prospect hits the “submit button”, it appears on our site so you can be 100% sure that our leads come to you fresh right down to the day if not the minute.

After reading your information its sounds like you are no different than all the other companies out there. I can’t find anything that distinguishes you from the rest.

We did not invent the mortgage lead business; however, we did take a different approach.

I get my leads for 7 cents. What makes yours worth more? Are they fresher than other lead companies?

7 cents sounds great. Are they census leads - people who are considered to be good prospects due to their demographic data?

How is it possible that the price is only $14 - I have been quoted $50.00!

We generate our leads, we are not brokers. Why are they overpriced? When the leads come in, the system prices them automatically. The price depends on the lead type, the loan amount, and LTV.

Are the leads coming directly from internet inquiries and routed to me, or from closed loan information provided by such institutions as title companies?

They are direct and real time internet inquiries. We run web sites where people are redirected if they are actively looking for a loan using search engines.

How many leads would you recommend if I am the only person working on them?

We would say 5-8 leads per day would be okay for one loan officer. If you are only licensed in one state than we would suggest as many as we can provide.

Is a full application taken before I receive the lead?

No. Only a short application is taken with the necessary information to get you started.

Do you run their credit?

No we don’t. We have four credit grades in our application. Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. Prospects evaluate the credit themselves.

I would assume that internet prospects are actively searching the internet for the best rates.

Not really. Since we run search engine ads, we know for sure what they enter as a search phrase. Only a small fraction of people are searching for better rates.

Do you have commercial leads?

We have a certain amount of multi-family leads. Some of them should definitely fall into the commercial category.

What is your closing ratio?

We built our system to let you choose prospects to contact. You can use our tool allowing you to narrow your search criteria. The lead quality is one contributing factor to the closing ratio. When working with us you can choose the prospects you want to call. Some loan officers prefer C-credit (Fair and Poor in our classification), some like refi’s, some want purchases. We do not over sell our leads; your application ratio may be as high as 85%. Closing ratio depends on the type of leads you choose, your company, and your experience. Some customers report 40% closing ratios.

Are there initial fees?

There are no fees. Sign up is free, you have no obligations. All your funds apply toward lead purchase.

Why do I need to activate my account?

We use the activation procedure to verify the lead delivery. Your e-mail should be valid. If you have a spam filter we should be 100% sure that our e-mail came through.

I received your activation e-mail but there is nothing in it.

If there are any troubles with your activation we can do it manually. During our trial term, we check how the lead delivery works. Feel free to contact the “trial” prospects, and inform them that you received their internet application.

I did not receive an activation letter, I wanted to log in so I could start to buy leads, but it is not allowing me to proceed. I entered my e-mail address and password and it is still not working.

E-mail us to activate your account. I may happen if you have a spam filter installed. We can activate your account manually and send you few leads or put you on trial to let you test how the system works with your e-mail.

Nothing personal, but I am concerned about loosing my money when I attempt this for the first time.

Try our trial – it works exactly the same way as the leads you’ll be purchasing later.

I need to know how to return a lead. If I receive a lead having bad phone number, what should I do? Please instruct me on how to return a lead.

Please give us the lead ID#. You can either e-mail, or contact us VIA our 800 number.

What e-mail address should I use when registering? Is this my personal e-mail address?

We deliver leads by e-mail. That is why we need a valid e-mail address; also we implement our account activation procedure for e-mail delivery validation. You can see previously purchased leads on-line using our system at the “My Leads” section.

I need to see my leads on line

You should be able to find the lead in your in-coming e-mails. Also you can log into the web site and go to the “My Leads” section and see your leads on line. (For the last three months).

I do need my State only.

Please use the State filter to narrow your search.

Can I buy leads exclusive? How many times leads can be sold? Why do some types of leads are delivered to me in lower volume that your system estimates?

If you choose to buy certain type of leads exclusive, just set up your filter. You can decide to buy certain types of leads exclusive, and others – non exclusive. None exclusive leads can be sold up to 4 times only. In reality, this rarely occurs and average lead never matches 4 filters of different users. Certain leads could be in high demand. If different users set up several exclusive filters for the same lead, the leads are randomly distributed between them.

What’s s the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive?

Once you order and receive a lead exclusively the system will not be sending it to anyone else.

Some of the numbers we have been calling are either disconnected or we are getting no answer at all.

We refund your money for such leads. Give us the lead ID#. If you're calling for a couple days, nobody answer, and you not sure that the number is good, keep calling. If you can’t access customer during one week, we’ll refund your money.

Does anybody at your company call these leads when they are submitted to make sure they are serious?

Nobody calls them before posting. We are currently working on weeding out customers who are looking to purchase a home in the distant future; otherwise we would have three times as many leads in our system.

It doesn’t seem as though there are a lot of leads available.

We have doubled our amount of leads month so far.

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